Saturday, February 26, 2011

Meet the Sassy Mah Jongg Mavens

Meet the whimsical 
new faces of 
Gehazi Collections

We are getting a jump on spring with our inaugural series of Gehazi Collections Sassy Maven Mah Jongg Dolls.

These whimsical ladies are leading us into fresh new designs in mah jongg accessories and art.
The gals are about 10" long and characterized by their painted faces, hand-sewn regalia and their enormous attitudes. Of course, each is adorned with at least one mah jongg tile in her design.
They are whimsical and ready for a little clack clack action.
Our first series features dolls in red and yellow, perfect for getting our minds off the dreary gray days of winter. 
They have hair and painted faces that just make you smile. Each doll also has a small hook on the back so that it is ready to hang on a wall.

These lovely creatures have been designed and created exclusively for Gehazi Collections by our friends at One Sun Creations.

They expressions range from pouty to plucky and their hairdos may remind you of one of those gals at your last mahj tournament. The best part is that they are so individual. 

We really like the idea that no one else will have a Sassy Maven exactly like the ones you add to your collection.

Take a moment and meet a few of them.

Sassy Maven Ava is a DIVA (did you notice we put that in upper case!). Just ask her, She'll tell you. She loves green dragons and wears four of them at her waist. Watch out if she shows up at the tournament because chances are she is going to cause some sort of comical ruckus.
Sassy Maven Frances loves pearls and ribbons and she always seems make friends wherever she goes. Could it be the power of the four winds draped down her hips?

Sassy Maven Clarice is a big-hearted soul who cherishes friends and good times. She also has a penchant for shopping. She adores mah jongg, but if there is a sale at the shoe store, she just might be a little late to the tournament table.

Sassy Maven Evelyn is, well, she is a princess. She wears a chic fringe necklace and shows up for red dragons on her waist.

Sassy Maven Gracie isn't happy if all attention isn't on her. Maybe she was royalty in another life! She can be a little self-absorbed, but at heart she is the friend you can't live without.
And, when we have shown them around, we've found that young girls like these for their own collections, and college students are taking them to campus to brighten their dorm rooms.
One customer told us that she was sending it as a gift to a longtime mahj friend who 
needed a little cheer during a hospital stay.
We are thankful for the feedback.

Now, it's your turn to give one of these mahj gals a new home and allow these beauties to be a reminder of all the fun and friends that make the game and life so much fun.

Each comes  in her own gift box whether it's for you or a treat for your favorite real-life maven. 

This is the first of our series, so count us on adding more.

Stay tuned! 

Gehazi Collections is always creating something new!

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