Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cascades of Pearls -- Funky and Full of Flavor

As a young girl, I understood that pearls would be for me, one day. Perhaps on prom night or a special church service or just sometime in the future when I wanted to show the world how grown up I had become. Only in recent years -- and as a very grown woman -- have I fallen in love with these treasures from the sea.

Give me those classic strands like those worn by Jackie O or Michelle Obama and the sophisticated appearance is unmistakable. But what I like most is pearls with a twist. I like them funky and full of flavor.

Recently, as I looked around the studio, it caught my attention that there was an overflow of pearls: iridescent ones, colored ones, even boring dull ones. I wanted to create something a bit different. And I think that is what I did. I mixed colors, textures and stones and artistically gave birth to pearl  sets with a twist.

 The Gehazi Olive Pearl Choker Set  features pearls in a rich olive contrasted with larger creamy baubles. The centerpiece adds a contemporary twist that is delicate, yet distinguished.

The Gehazi Citrine and Pearls Necklace set pairs the gemstone with rich bronze pearls and a polished shell that makes it anything other than grandma's necklace set. I like the yellow and bronze together because of their richness. The dangling focal adds just the right touch of drama.

The Gehazi Gray and Black Multi-Strand Necklace Set is five
strands of pearls and glass beads in varying sizes and shapes. The necklace is lightweight and the layers adds interest and personality.

The Gehazi Savory Orange Necklace Set is another creation with freshwater pearls. The gemstone is orange Botswana agate and it pairs well with the rose and gold hues in the dyed pearls.

By far, the Gehazi Wrapped Pink and Green Necklace Set was the most fun to create. It's dyed howlite funky pink pearls, Swarovski and a silver. It's perky. It's artsy. And, it reminds me that pearl jewelry can be eclectic, fun and beautiful no matter how old I am.