Saturday, April 4, 2009

Go Eclectic with a Grand Mix of Color

I took note recently in a local department store. Signs all around welcomed color back. Each time, I smiled and nodded in agreement.

Yes, color is back and so is any eclectic combination of colors. That's good news because Gehazi loves color. The more the better.

That's one of the things we love about our expanding selection of pins, charms and zipper pulls. They are colorful, eclectic and funky.

Instead of a bone mah jongg bead decked with the traditional neutrals or a single color, we've spiced it up a bit with our Fancy Mah Jongg Purse Charm. Several of our pins take color to another level with their mix of Swarovski crystals, batik bone, Czech glass, silver, copper and more.

For those enamored with the peace symbol, we've created the colorful Fancy Peace Purse Charm that is meant to be latched on to something that you want to dazzle up a bit.

The secret is that a mix of colors work nicely with just about everything. That is especially true with smaller items such as pins, brooches, charms and earrings.

For those who are really color shy, just a shock of a bright hue works nicely.

Our new Blue Tile Mah Jongg Pin does the trick. A bright blue acrylic tile with Swarovski crystals and a fancy coin offers a less complicated, yet very sophisticated approach to color.

In these days of an uncertain economy dashes of color are fashionable and easy on the pocketbook. It's a smart way to dress up just about everything already in your closet.

Whether it's a Gehazi piece or something else you pick up, color is hot this season. For sure, you'll see more of these colorful mixes on our site and at our shows.

We promise that you'll get more compliments than you can imagine.
Yes, welcome back color. You've been gone far too long!

Stay Tuned,

Sandra Davis
Gehazi Collections

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